Houston Fry | Composer
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California Lotto – Sir Luckypants (Music Arrangement)

Capital One – Family Reunion (Original Music)

Cisco – The Internet of Everything (Original Music)

Principal Financial Group  – Rebellion (Original Music)

Principal Financial Group – Renovation (Original Music)

Cricket Wireless – Car Wash (Original Music)

Macy’s – Mother’s Day (Original Music)

Macy’s  – Father’s Day (Original Music)

Cricket Wireless – The Walkout (Music Arrangement)

Dodge – Old Man (Music Editing)

Dodge – Wolf Pack (Music Editing)

Dodge – Pick It Up (Music Editing)

Geoffrey’s Malibu – Jake Peterson (Original Music)

Grammys – It Was You (Original Music)

Hearts on Fire – A Diamond’s Power to Ignite (Original Music)

Honda – I Left My Honda (Original Music)

Honda – Kids Kids Kids (Original Music)

Johnson & Johnson – Distinctly Dad (Original Music)

Johnson & Johnson – For All You Love (Original Music)

Kia – Rain (Original Music)

Motorola – Couple (Original Music)

Motorola – Golf (Original Music)

Motorola – Holiday (Original Music)

Motorola – Pianist (Original Music)

Nike – Best Intentions (Original Music)

Nike – The Girls (Original Music)

Nike – Kevin Durant Title (Music Enhancement)

Nissan – Born to Be (Music Editing)

Nissan – Shoulders of Giants (Original Music)

Park and Barkley – Cocktail Time (Original Music)

RSM – Gauntlet (Original Music)

Samsung Galaxy – Move (Music Editing)

Samsung Mobile – Age of Ultron (Music Editing)

Speed Stick – Draft Night (Original Music)

Target – Getting Ready For The Holidays (Music Editing)

Target – Trolls (Music Editing)

TJ Maxx – The Maxximum (Original Music)

Toyota Camry – To Be A Dad (Original Music)

Visa – The Swim (Original Music)

Wells Fargo – That House (Original Music)

Wells Fargo – Paint (Original Music)

Wells Fargo – Mascott (Original Music)

Wells Fargo – Elevator (Original Music)

Wells Fargo – Grandma (Original Music)

Wii U – Mario & Sonic Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games (Original Music)